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上世屋で生きる Living in Kamiseya  





藤織り工房 ののの は、村の人たちに助けられながら藤織りをし、この上世屋の地で暮らしています。

Kamiseya is a small village in the mountains, located in the center of Tango Peninsula. It is a beautiful village with terraced rice fields, with a breathtaking open view of the sea from the slope. Currently, about 20 people reside in old farmhouses. About half of the residents are migrants from other parts of the country. In Kamiseya, we appreciate the connection of people, where young children can run around the village with peace of mind, while the villagers watch after them. Due to the climate greatly affected by the Japan Sea, the elevation of the land can be as high as 400m, and winter snowfall usually reaches about 2m. With cold and harsh winter, we anticipated the joy of spring, the sweaty heat of summer, and the arrival of fruitful autumn, living fully, the four seasons...

FUJI-ORI STUDIO NONONO is warmly supported by the villagers as I go on with my daily Fuji-ori life in this lovely land of Kamiseya.

上世屋のウェブ      Kamiseya Website


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